Olubukola Bolarinde
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Broad Street

Nostalgia. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Broad Street on Lagos Island. The street has always seemed rather narrow to me, so it is a wonder how it could have been named Broad. I suppose unless I lived in those times, I will never understand. Broad Street holds many memories as i visited every Sunday after church. The short ride from the Cathedral Church of Christ. All five of us tightly packed in my mother's Navy Blue Volkswagen. That was a sight. But we loved it. The anticipation of the prize at the end of that loop through Breadfruit to Broad Street; kept us in high spirits. We would plan our individual orders all the way there - 3 meat pies, 5 sausage rolls, 4 doughnuts, and 2 chicken pies! The joy that was Mr. Biggs! If you know, you know.


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